Pete Davidson Romance 'In No Way Serious' For Madelyn Cline

Um… ouch??

We only just heard about Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline‘s relationship, and folks are already ready to write it off as some flash-in-the-pan, temporary thing. And by folks we mean Madelyn Cline, apparently.

A source close to the Outer Banks star spilled to on Wednesday that Madelyn was “in no way serious” about the comedian! The insider said:

“Madelyn anticipates her current relationship with Pete as just a good time and it will not be her last one.”

Man, we hope Pete is on the same page! He’s been with a lot of amazing women, but getting let down like that always hurts — no matter who you are!

The source did have great things to say about how much fun the Glass Onion actress is having with the SNL alum:

“She thinks he is hilarious, and fun and she is all about hanging out with him, but she is 25, and she doesn’t want anything serious, she wants to chase fun, and she thinks Pete thinks the same and their relationship is all about having a good time.”

She “thinks” Pete feels the same way? Hmm… The source went on to say she is being clear with her “vibes” if not, you know, explicit communication:

“It is in no way serious, she is taking it day by day and that is all that works for her right now, Pete shouldn’t expect her to be his soulmate, she is not giving off those vibes.”

Well, they’re both adults. We’re sure they know what they’re doing. Again, we just hope they’re staying on the same page. Pete has been known to fall hard and fast — which is dangerous since he can also be pretty fragile.

What do YOU think about their relationship? Are they headed for heartache thinking that way?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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