Prince William, a violent gaslighter, visited an anti-violence charity last Friday

In Spare, Prince Harry tried to write about an incident in early 2019 in which Prince William entered Harry’s home, started an argument about how Harry needed to divorce Meghan, and when Harry wouldn’t agree with William’s ill-conceived scheme, William violently assaulted Harry, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. Go back and read the excerpts – it took almost four years for Harry to even report that incident and it’s abundantly clear he and Meghan are both processing the abuse they suffered from 2017-2020. Harry’s story was shocking, even though the British media has left enough breadcrumbs for years to insinuate that William’s violence and abuse is well-known in many circles. What’s even more shocking is that seemingly the entire British media establishment is perfectly willing to go along with whatever half-assed keenery William and Kate try to do. It’s all part of the gaslighting cycle – Harry reveals this harrowing account of his brother’s violence, then everyone shrugs and talks about how William is “so popular.” Well, speaking of gaslighting:

Prince William proves a knockout — as he pledged his support to efforts fighting youth violence. But Wills, 41, declined the chance to take part in a sparring contest with young female boxer Jess Bryden. She described to the prince how she had managed to turn her back on county lines gangs at only 13.

Visiting sports training charity Best’s HQ in Swindon, the Prince of Wales joked to Jess, 18: “Hopefully if I talk to you long enough I don’t have to go in the ring.”

Jess, who mentors for the charity set up by her father to divert youths from crime, said she’d been “mixed up in the wrong crowd”. Wills hailed her journey as “very impressive”.

Parents Don Bryden, and Sarah Bryden, 52, set up charity BEST – Be A Better You with the aim of providing sports training and one-to-one mentoring which keeps teenagers and young adults out of trouble.

Jess boxes out of Scrappers ABC gym but also trains with other Olympic and amateur hopefuls at Britain’s boxing HQ in Sheffield. Charity BEST – Be A Better You supports local young people through mentoring, sports coaching and education programmes which help young people who are involved in areas including crime and gang violence take the necessary steps to improve their life.

[From The Sun]

Sending William to an anti-violence charity is a real choice, as is the Sun’s choice to go with the lede “Prince William proves a knockout.” I feel like I’m on crack – how is this happening? Do people read this and say “oh, good show from William” while making the choice to completely ignore the reports of his violent rage?

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