Prince William and Duchess Kate venture into Belize jungle to meet troops and visit Mayan site – best photos

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ventured into the depths of the Belize jungle on the third day of their Caribbean royal tour, and their final day in the Central American country before they head to Jamaica. William and Kate travelled to the heartland of the Chiquibul Forest to visit Caracol, a stunning and iconic ancient Mayan archaeological site.

The couple toured the area and had the chance to take in the incredible Caana, or 'Sky Palace', which remains the tallest man-made structure in Belize.

Afterwards, they paid a visit to the British Army Training Support Unit (BATSUB) in the jungle which delivers tropical environment training to troops from the UK and international partners. See the best photos from day three of their tour below…

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The Duchess, 40, braved the jungle heat wearing a white T-shirt tucked into khaki trousers and her trusty white Superga plimsoles. She accessorised with sunglasses and kept her hair loose and makeup natural.

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William and Kate walked around the ancient site, which was once the hub of life in the foothills of the Maya Mountains and is believed to have been occupied as early as 1200 BC.

They were told about the history of Caracol before admiring the imposing Sky Palace.

The Duke got the giggles as the couple realised they were surrounded by photographers. "We've got one [group] one side and another the other. You are in each other's photographs," he laughed.

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The royals were guided around the area by the country’s director of architecture Allan Moore, who showed them an area where the Mayans used to play ball games and answered all of the couple’s questions.

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Mr Moore also pointed out Mayan carvings, with William and Kate noting lizards, fish nibbling on water lilies, and a feline shape which Mr Moore explained could have been a jaguar.

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The royals started the long trek to the top of the site.

"People often like to try and run up here," Mr Moore said. "What, they race?" exclaimed William. "You must be very fit if you are doing this three times a week Allan!" he added.

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"Wow," Kate said as they admired the vista and impressive structure.

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William and Kate looked in sync in their khaki and green tones as they walked around the forest and site.

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The mum-of-three looked effortlessly cool on her active day out.

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The ‘Sky Palace’, towering 141 foot tall, is believed to have been erected so that the community’s high priests and rulers could be closer to the sky.

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