Queer Rapper Drebae in ICU After Being Shot Twice in Robbery Attempt

The ‘Elegant’ rhymer, who is known for his feminine style, claims he was set up by a person who claimed to be an LGBTQ photographer and wanted to work with him but then tried to take his jewelry.

AceShowbizDrebae has survived a robbery attempt that almost turned deadly. The LGBTQ rapper has revealed that he was shot twice and was almost robbed of his jewelry by someone who claimed to be an LGBTQ photographer.

In a note shared on his Instagram Story on Sunday, November 20, Drebae, born DeAndre Clark, claimed he was set up by the person who said that they wanted to work with him. They apparently agreed to a meeting on Saturday, which was when the incident happened.

“As some may know I was shot twice on Saturday,” Drebae wrote to inform his followers. “A person posed as if they were an LBGT photographer who wanted to work with me. When we met at location that was not the case, it was a setup.”

“They shot me twice and tried to take my jewelry but were unsuccessful. I was able to subdued him and get help by bystander with calling the police,” he explained how he managed to save himself. “I was there first victim & the person is now in custody.”

Drebae didn’t divulge the extent of his injuries, but he has since been treated in ICU. “With that being said I appreciate the love and support. I have been in ICU & I just need time healing. I love you guys,” he added, before promising, “I will bounce back soon.”

Drebae has since been showered with well wishes from his friends and followers. Raptress Cliff Vmir reacted to the news, “This made me sick to my stomach I’m just glad he’s still here the come back bout to be so strong.”

Drebae also reposted some messages which he received from his friends, one of which read, “Sending out prayers to @drebaexo.” Another wrote, “dre coming back like 50! it have soldier!” A fan wrote, “My fav gonna be back.”

A friend penned, “Glad you ok boo. @drebaexo praying for a full recovery,” before warning others, “Y’all have to be careful, people are insane and will do anything for some cash and jewelry smh.” Someone else echoed the sentiment, “sending you love @drebaexo. So tired of hearing about violence against the queer community. Where does this end?? when are we gonna get some f**king gun control?”

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