Salems Lot and James at 15 actor Lance Kerwin has died

Actor Lance Kerwin died at 62 at his home in California, according to his family. The actor was best known for his work in the 1978 miniseries Salem’s Lot as well as the 1977 NBC series James at 15.

Kerwin died on Tuesday morning, according to his daughter Savannah.

According to Variety, a cause of death was not given at this time.

Kewrin was a child actor who began appearing on television in 1974 with roles on shows such as Emergency!, Little House on the Prairie and GunSmoke.

He also played Billy Carpenter in the 1980 TV movie The Boy Who Drank Too Much.

At 15, he played James Hunter, a teen who had moved to Massachusetts from Oregon, and had a passion for photography.

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The show was at the centre of controversy at the time, due to the main character engaging in premarital sex, and losing his virginity, with upset viewers sending the network letters in protest.

Kerwin was a teen heartthrob at the time and a regular presence on the cover of publications such as Tiger Beat.

Other roles Kerwin had in his career included stints on TV shows such as Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman and Family.

He was however best known for his work on the 19769 miniseries Salem’s Lot.

In the later years of his career, he appeared on shows such as The New Adam-12, Murder, She Wrote and Simon and Simon.

He appeared in the 1995 film Outbreak and made a comeback to the silver screen in 2022’s The Wind and the Reckoning.

The actor had also made appearances at horror film conventions in recent years.

Kerwin is survived by his five children, Savannah, Fox, Terah, Kailani, and Justus.

Many co-stars have taken to Twitter to share their condolences and pay tribute to the late actor.

Actor Ike Eisenmann wrote: “I am beyond heartbroken to hear of the passing of one of my greatest friends and co-stars I have ever worked with, Lance Kerwin.

“He was the child actor that inspired me to be the best that I could be because he was the best I had ever seen. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Actress Erin Murphy added: “Tough start to the year. Rest In Peace #LanceKerwin.”

The horror outlet Fangoria wrote: “Fango is saddened to hear of the passing of Lance Kerwin, whose performance in Salem’s Lot made an indelible impression on all of us.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to his friends, family and many fans.”

In a 2019 interview, the late actor talked about working with Tobe Hooper on Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

“One scene that was pretty interesting was the bedroom scene when the vampire boy, I think it was Danny Glick, comes to the window saying, ‘Let me in. Let me in’,” he recalled.

He continued: “For that entire scene, the film was running backwards in the camera. We started at the end and walked back all the way to the beginning where I’m in bed and I open my eyes.

“That’s the reason it seems like there’s something different…something weird about it. The smoke is flowing differently because of the way that scene was shot.

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