Shaughna Phillips suffers ‘crisis’ and ‘may change name’ following baby Lucia’s birth

Former Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has taken to her Instagram story to share that she is in "crisis" and may 'change her name', as none of her clothes fit her following her baby's birth.

Shaughna, 29, appeared on season six of the hit ITV show Love Island and was one of the first to arrive on day one of the villa.

She lasted a huge amount of time in there but was booted out on day 33, just before the final.

Since leaving the villa she has set her life up as an influencer and has had partnerships with various fashion brands and can often be found sharing discount codes for huge fashion brand SHEIN.

However, since giving birth earlier this year in April to baby Lucia, Shaughna has tried to stay away from the spotlight and has not posted much about her life with her newborn.

But, in a story posted to her Instagram, Shaughna gave quite the update to her followers as she took a picture of a pile of clothes which she was planning on giving to charity and suggested that she was in "crisis" and was even considering changing her name.

In the story, she jokily said: "Having an existential crisis and have decided to give all of my clothes to charity. Might change my name and possibly move country, still undecided."

At the bottom of the story, Shaughna gave some insight into her feelings of crisis which were fashion related.

She told her fans that her pre-baby clothes are now all too small but her post-partum clothes are too big.

She added: "But in all seriousness I feel like my wardrobe is jam packed but I have nothing to wear, at that annoying stage where pre pregnancy clothes are too small, but post partum clothes are now too big."

The reality TV star went through some difficulties when giving birth to her baby Lucia.

She was forced to give birth through an emergency C-section despite wanting to do it naturally.

She was advised that she needed an epidural and has since spoken about how it is a great invention for women.

Shaughna told her Instagram following: "I was induced at 41+3 and had the dilapan rods for 24 hours, when they were taken out I was 2cm dilated and had my waters broke. That wasn't fun but gas and air deffo helped.

"I was then offered the hormone drip and was strongly advised to have an epidural because the hormone drip sends your contractions from 0-100! The epidural is the best thing ever invented and I'm so glad I had it! From 6am to 3pm I went from 2cm to 9cm with minimal pain."

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