Shocking Twist! Erin Patterson's Ex 'Suspected He Had Been Poisoned' Last Year!

Welp, this mushroom case just took a wild turn!

We only just learned of the three people who suddenly died after eating a lunch served by Erin Patterson last month. As we previously reported, the 48-year-old had her former in-laws, Gail and Don Patterson, along with Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson and her husband Ian Wilkinson, over for lunch at her home in Leongatha, Australia, on July 29. But the meal took a tragic turn when her guests “became ill,” and three of them died!

Gail, Don, and Heather passed away last week in the hospital, while Ian remains hospitalized, awaiting a liver transplant. According to authorities, the three family members died from “suspected mushroom poisoning.” Detective Inspector Dean Thomas from Victoria Police’s Homicide Squad believes they somehow ingested deadly death cap mushrooms.

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At this time, Erin is the main suspect in the police’s investigation since she made the meal that killed her relatives. Obviously it’s also suspicious that she presumably ate the meal as well — and yet didn’t get sick.

Officers interviewed her and searched her home for any evidence. They’ve reportedly taken several items from the residence, including a food dehydrator that may have been used during the meal prep. A source told The Age that investigators are having forensic tests done on the dehydrator to hopefully gain some understanding about what happened here. They’re also hoping to obtain any CCTV footage to see who has been on the property.

Although law enforcement stressed this situation “could be very innocent,” there are some glaring red flags in this case!  For instance, her two children had attended the lunch but they received “a different meal” than Gail, Don, Ian, and Heather. As for Erin? She hasn’t felt any symptoms either. It’s unknown if she ate the same dish or prepared herself something else.

These details are bound to give true crime enthusiasts and the general public alike some serious doubts about Erin. But the mom insists she “didn’t do anything” wrong, telling reporters before Don passed away:

“I loved them and I’m devastated that they’re gone and I hope with every fiber of my being that Don pulls through.”

But was this really nothing more than a tragic accident as Erin made it seem? This latest information may make police and the public even more sus…

It has now come out that her ex-husband Simon Patterson nearly died last year from some sort of mystery illness! He said in a social media post:

“I collapsed at home, then was in an induced coma for 16 days through which I had three emergency operations mainly on my small intestine, plus an additional planned operation. My family were asked to come and say goodbye to me twice, as I was not expected to live. I was in intensive care for 21 days…”


While Simon didn’t include every detail about the matter at the time, a family friend has come forward in light of the recent tragedy to share more with the public. And what’s revealed does not help Erin’s case at all! The pal claimed to the Herald Sun that Simon “suspected” his ex-wife was the cause of his medical scare! No joke! According to the friend, he allegedly believed Erin tried to poison him through an “ingested toxin,” explaining:

“Simon suspected he had been poisoned by Erin. There were times he had felt… a bit off and it often coincided when he spent time with her.”

Police previously said Erin and Simon are separated, but they had been informed “their relationship is amicable.” Is that really the case, though?

If this report is true, Erin has already been suspected of an attempted murder by poison! Could she have purposefully poisoned her in-laws in an attempt to hurt Simon since her first alleged attempt at murder didn’t work? Was her plan to kill Simon and everyone on his side of the family all along? So many questions now that this bombshell twist dropped!

One thing we know for sure, though, is Erin potentially has a lot of explaining to do if Simon’s suspicions are real. Reactions? Sound OFF in the comments below.

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