Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Updates Fans On 1-Year-Old Daughter's Amputation Surgery

We couldn’t be happier to hear this good health news coming from the Sister Wives!

Maddie Brown Brush, the show’s 24-year-old star, has a good update for those following a potentially life-changing surgery for her 1-year-old daughter, Evangalynn Kodi. And even though doctors had to amputate her foot and perform other procedures, it’s the beginning of what should be a long road to great health!

Originally diagnosed with fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects bone formation before birth, Evangalynn was born without a thumb and a toe. Two other fingers were fused together, too, while one of her shin bones (tibia) was bowed, and the other leg was missing her calf bone (fibula). Throughout this past first year of life, then, doctors monitored her growth and development, waiting until now to perform surgery to help the little girl even more.

On Monday, Maddie posted a brand new photo to her Instagram account revealing the adorable little girl did have her foot amputated in preparation for a new foot and better long-term mobility via future procedures. The young momma shared the pic holding her beloved daughter at the hospital (above), while writing:

“Evie received some major gifts for her 1st birthday. Her surgeon laid the groundwork for her new foot and mobility it will bring, by way of a boyd amputation. Another gave her some extra mobility in her hand, by clipping her webbing she had in her right hand. She is home and is recovering beautifully.”

Yay!!! BTW, a Boyd procedure involves amputation at the ankle level, which still allows for full future weight-bearing and enough stabilization of the heel pad to easily add a prosthesis as the child develops and grows. According to the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, it is an “effective” procedure in children with nearly 90% seeing no future complications as a result.

So basically, Brush writing how this surgery has “laid the groundwork” for good news in the future sounds like a realistic expectation! We LOVE hearing that for this adorable little girl! Momma and 3-year-old big bro Axel James must be on cloud nine!

The little angel celebrated her first birthday less than a week ago, too (as you can see, below), so it’s been quite the eventful last few days for Evie:

SO cute!!!

According to a prior interview with People before Evie was born last year, Brush and her husband Caleb had been “freaking out” over the presence of so many doctors and specialists as they tried to determine what was going on with the little girl’s development in utero. Once the super-rare FATCO syndrome was ultimately diagnosed, Brush recalled some relief at the time (below):

“I was just sitting there trying to comprehend what’s going on, having just had a baby as they are bringing in all these specialists. I was freaking out. It’s abnormal, and it catches people off guard, but I want her to grow up and feel proud about who she is. If I’m hiding this to protect her, is it really helpful? So little is known about this, so I hope to bring awareness.”

Thankfully, as Maddie and her husband learned more about the rare disorder, they were relieved to learn that Evangalynn “will have limitations, but not huge hindrances” in the future. It sounds like this Boyd amputation and the other procedures went a long way to improving that diagnosis as she continues to get older.

Sending all our love to Maddie, Evie, and the rest of the family! We can’t even imagine the stress of having your 1-year-old child go under for surgery, but it’s heartwarming and relieving to know all went well and the future is bright!

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