The Beach Boys Present Four-Part Video Series Featuring Iconic Songs

The Beach Boys have launched a four-part video series featuring four of the band’s legendary songs – “Barbara Ann,” “Don’t Worry Baby,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” and “God Only Knows.”

Directed by Andrew Litten, the cinematic story traces a high school romance between surfing-obsessed Helena, played by Zoe Manoek, and Lucas, played by Toby De Goede, an aspiring photographer.

The video series plays out over back-to-back weekends on The Beach Boys official YouTube channel. The series kicked off last Friday with the first episode, “Barbara Ann,” which introduces Helena, a young teen who spends her waking hours daydreaming about surfing and getting out of her small town. The story of Lucas, a boy who moves to town with his dad, was told in the second video, “Don’t Worry Baby,” which was streamed on Saturday.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” which details the pair’s relationship, will be shown on September 16 at 9 am PT. In the final episode “God Only Knows,” to be streamed on September 17 at 9 am PT, the young love is at a crossroads as high school comes to an end.

Director Andrew Litten said, “A recurring theme throughout The Beach Boys’ music is the feeling of being young and in love.”

(Photo: Capitol/UMe)

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