Tia Mowry On Giving Herself Grace While Juggling Hollywood And Motherhood

As an actress, businesswoman, wife, and mom of two, Tia Mowry keeps many plates spinning in the air. Though she makes it look effortless with her constant bookings, multiple projects, and fun glam on Instagram Reels, she admits that the working mom life isn’t quite as balanced as it makes it seem.

“I’ve realized because I’ve been a mother for 11 years now, that there is no thing called ‘balance’ when it comes to motherhood,” Mowry tells ESSENCE. “I’ve had to learn throughout the years that there will be days where I am spending more time with my children and not as much time on my career. Or, there will be days where I’m spending more time on my career and not necessarily my children. But basically, I just practice being kind to myself, being forgiving of myself on those days.”

And there’s a lot for Mowry to keep balanced these days. She just wrapped filming on the final season of her hit Netflix comedy, Family Reunion, which she promises is sure to impress fans of the show.

“We don’t yet have a start date for our third and final season, but when I say I’m so incredibly proud of this season, we are definitely going out with a bang.”

On top of all that, she’s also working on bringing more of her signature holiday-themed content to television.

“I’m currently working with Lifetime and creating diverse-focused, women-focused films where I am the producer and coming up with the storylines and working with incredible women directors, women writers of color. And I’ll be shooting one of those movies next year in February, that will come out, during the holidays, 2023,” she shares.

Though she doesn’t have a new holiday movie this particular season, she’s excited to spend this year focused on the other side of the pendulum: her home and family life.

“I’m just so excited to be focusing on my family during the holidays,” she says. “This is a great time for my family and I to reset and to really bond and creating memories and experiences are really important to me.

“So of course, there will be pumpkins in front of the house during Halloween, and we will be watching Twitches,” she said, noting that the Halloween classic it isn’t exactly her son Cree’s favorite, but she’s getting him to warm up to it year by year. “So I’m excited and I cannot wait to share with the world what our Halloween costumes are going to be this year. I already know what it is. I’m excited.”

But first, the actress and cookbook author is kicking off October, with a fun new recipe. In honor of National Coffee Day on October 1, she’ll be sharing a brand new recipe with her fans and followers to spice up your morning coffee with a little lactose-free indulgence.

“I’m all about food and creating recipes and I’m sharing my new recipe, my spiced milk cube recipe, which is a great, fun new way that you can add milk to your coffee,” Mowry said. “I use Lactaid, so it allows me to enjoy the benefits of real milk, which is the creaminess, the flavor, and the texture that comes along with milk in my coffee.”

“I take everything a day at a time,” Mowry says of her insanely busy life. “My priorities are to make sure that my children are happy, my children are healthy, my children are safe. But then. I’ve also learned about making sure that my cup is also filled.”

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