Tia Mowry Says It's 'Going Well' with Cory, Co-Parenting After Divorce Filing

Tia Mowry‘s giving off super positive vibes … about her life, her family and even her estranged husband — just a couple weeks after filing for divorce.

Tia was wrapping up a grocery run when we got her in L.A., and she opened up about how life’s been for her and Cory Hardrict — because to fans observing online, it seems like there’s still a ton of love between them.

The exes have been supporting each other in the comment section of their social media posts — and Cory even posted a video flat-out sending love to “my wife.”

We asked Tia the obvious … any chance of reconciliation? She didn’t say no, and instead hit us with, “I’m just taking everything a day at a time, and that’s all I’m going to say to that.” 🤔

Tia also told us she and Cory are “amazing” at co-parenting in the wake of their split.

Watch the whole clip … because it’s giving a whole lotta “door’s open” for anything, but best of all — Tia seems really happy and comfortable with where she is in life right now.

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