Tom Holland Just Revealed His Next Movie Role!

Tom Holland has confirmed his next movie role!

The 25-year-old actor confirmed to press that he’ll be leaving Spider-Man behind for just a bit to return to his dancing passion and will star as legendary dancer and actor, Fred Astaire.

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During an interview with AP (via Variety), Tom confirmed the news that had been mentioned by producer Amy Pascal in a previous interview, and said that he’ll be portraying Fred in a new flick.

“The script came in a week ago,” he shared with press. “I haven’t read it yet; they haven’t given it to me.”

Tom added that Amy also has a copy of the script and that she had shared the news with him in a somewhat unconventional locale.

“She facetimed me earlier. I was in the bath,” he laughed. “And we had a lovely facetime, but I will be playing Fred Astaire.”

The role of Fred Astaire, and his story, seem to be a hot property lately. In addition to Tom, this other actor will also star as the iconic entertainer.

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