Top Gear Stig says BBC should make one change after Freddie Flintoff crash

Jason Manford discusses Freddie Flintoff after Top Gear accident

Top Gear’s former Stig Perry McCarthy has demanded BBC bosses make one change to save the popular motoring show.

The series future is uncertain after ex-England cricketer Freddie Flintoff was involved in a high-speed crash last December.

Little is known about the incident although it is understood he was not wearing a helmet when a three-wheeled Morgan Super 3 flipped onto its roof.

Flintoff appeared with scars on his face as he met up with the England Cricket camp ahead of the One Day International series with New Zealand.

However, the circumstances around the crash and the apparent secret from the BBC to reveal little information about the shunt has left McCarthy to demand answers.

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As well as questioning the “bizarre” behaviour around the incident, McCarthy has suggested BBC bosses needed “better procedures” to protect their hosts.

He hinted production crews needed a professional driver to ensure stars were not putting themselves in danger.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “So not to lose the thrill of good presenters on there – sure, you can have them go fast, but it would appear to me as if they’re going to need better procedures there.

“Maybe from somebody from my background, even working with presenters to just say, ‘Look guys, this is the wrong time, a wrong place to go quickly,’ because something’s happened in that accident.

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“We’ve not been told about it, but judging by Freddie’s injuries, it appears to me that the car has maybe gone upside down.

“And then it’s a question of what kind of crash helmet was he using. Because I would never advocate going out with a half-face crash on it. It would always be a full-face crash helmet.

“I think it was a crash helmet situation with Freddie and sadly that is something I personally would have spotted from the outside.”

The ex-F1 driver first donned the Stig’s overalls back in 2002 before he was ‘killed off’ as the character in 2003.

The role was then taken over by Ben Collins until he revealed his identity in his autobiography back in 2010.

According to GB News, a BBC spokesperson said: “A decision on the timing of future Top Gear shows will be made in conjunction with BBC content in due course.

“The health and safety review of the show has not yet concluded.” have contacted the BBC for further comment.

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