Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer embroiled in Twitter row as he’s branded ‘pathetic’

Wheeler Dealers add ‘elaborate complicated design’ on car

Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer was forced to hit back after he was trolled by a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, who lashed out on Wednesday.

The user said in a now-deleted tweet: “If You didn’t try acting like a Cockney wideboy and stopped shrieking like Toad of Toad Hall maybe it wouldn’t happen, and Also You lost Me when You went to the USA absolutely Pathetic.” (sic)

Mike, 59, soon hit back at the unkind comment, replying: “Now you seem like a car guy…I thought they were all nice people! How wrong I was. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Hope you find something else to watch.”  

He was quickly defended by fans of the Discovery Channel show. His co-star Marc Priestley said: “What is wrong with people? [angry emoji].”

Sam added: “My mum taught me that if you have nothing nice to say then do not say anything. Ignore the hate and keep being you.” 

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Anthony wrote: “Fail to see what’s not to like about Mike or Wheeler Dealers. Comes across as a nice bloke on TV and at events he’s speaking at.”

Alan echoed: “Don’t get drawn in Mike, ignore it…I don’t consider myself to be a car guy but have always enjoyed the series and entertainment…keep up the good work.”

And Chris said: “What is with the spite and vitriol towards one of the nicest and most genuine people on TV? It’s incredible how openly nasty people are towards Mike, for absolutely no reason. I don’t get it.”

Mike rose to fame when Wheeler Dealers began airing in 2003. The programme sees the car enthusiast and former dealer on a mission to save old and repairable vehicles. 

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Mike’s love of cars translates off-screen and he has a collection of classic models.

Earlier this year, he shared his devastation after a rare MK1 Ford Fiesta was stolen by thieves while Mike and co-star Marc were staying at a hotel.

Pleading with the public to help, Marc stated: “We are heartbroken and it’s a car that deserves to be out there for the world to see, not squirrelled away on the back of some thief’s trailer.”

Unfortunately, the automobile is “still missing” more than three months later.

Mike had been planning to showcase the vehicle at a car show and it was especially significant as the car represented Ford’s first-ever venture into producing front-wheel-drive vehicles around the world, back in the 1970s.

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