Whitney Cummings Taking Jokes To OnlyFans Because Twitter's Full of 'Dorks'

Whitney Cummings says she’s joining OnlyFans to tell dirty jokes, free from the backlash and controversy swirling on other social media sites … and she’s ripping Elon Musk‘s app.

We got Whitney at LAX and asked why she decided to hitch her wagon to OF, where she’s producing a new show about comedy roasts.

Whitney sees OnlyFans as the future for comedians looking for a safe space to tell jokes … seeing it as an alternative to places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, explaining how comedians are dragged when jokes push boundaries.

The way Whitney sees it, the audience at OnlyFans is already used to the taboo — the site is infamous for offering subscriptions to models selling nude content — whereas places like Twitter are littered with “dorks” and “snitches” who want to report humor as hate speech.

Whitney’s planning to charge about $10 a month for her OnlyFans page, where she will experiment with material she says may be too explicit for someone scrolling the timeline at lunch … and she’s already got jokes about potential nudes making their way to her page too.

It’ll be interesting to see if other comedians follow Whitney’s lead … and she tells us how Cardi B influenced her to take the OnlyFans plunge.

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