Will Carole Middleton attend Kate’s ‘Together at Christmas’ this year?

Carole Middleton has not made any public appearances since the coronation. That was the last gasp of her social standing, because soon after the coronation, Party Pieces fell into total insolvency and the Middletons left dozens of angry creditors in their wake. Party Pieces left, all told, more than £2.6 million in debt, from local businesses who extended credit to Carole personally, to small vendors whose bills were never paid, to the banks which extended loans to Party Pieces, loans which will never be paid back. Carole and Michael have been in hiding ever since, even as two separate poster campaigns went up in Bucklebury – posters which explicitly criticize the grifter Middletons. Well, now there’s a rumor or a theory that Carole might make her triumphant return to public life at her daughter’s dumb piano recital:

Over the years fans have come to expect to see Carole Middleton at plenty of high profile occasions, ranging from Royal Family weddings to Wimbledon and Ascot. However, so far this year she hasn’t been out and about so much and hasn’t been officially photographed at a public event since King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation. This might all be about to change, though, as Carole Middleton could be preparing to make an appearance to support the Princess of Wales next month.

The run-up to the festive season is a busy time for the senior royals and it’s finally been confirmed that the Princess of Wales’ annual Together at Christmas carol concert would be held for a third year running. This means a chance to see plenty of the royals in their festive best and Carole’s never missed it.

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While there hasn’t been much gossip about this in the British media, I do think it will be significant either way. If Carole avoids the event, that means she’s still deeply ashamed about how thoroughly she defrauded people and lied about her wealth. If Carole shows up, it will be a big story and it’s clear that the British media has gotten the nod that the Middletons are NOT off-limits. Like, if Carole and Michael turn up at Together at Christmas, the Daily Mail might even pour scorn on them for showing their broke-ass faces. It’s interesting though – I imagine it is a Middleton family dilemma, especially because the Middletons all show up to this dumb event.

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