Willow Shares New Single 'Alone'

Willow recently released a new single, “Alone,” her first new music since last year’s Copingmechanism album and her first for new label partner Three Six Zero Recordings. The track arrived with an accompanying self-directed video.

The song sees Willow confronting her innermost thoughts and eventually finding solace in her solitude.

“Nothing is what it seems / When you wake, when you dream / When you talk, is it not medicine for us all? / Show me something I cannot define,” she sings in one of the song’s verses.

“Solitude can become one of our biggest teachers and tools if we truly want to know ourselves completely,” Willow said. “I think solitude can be scary for humans sometimes. There is so much space to remember and reflect on things that may be really painful for us.”

“But in my experience, when we open ourselves to this specific flavor of groundlessness, we begin to see the inner workings of our minds and hearts in so many beautiful ways that allow us to interact with life with more honesty and presence,” she added.

While teasing the single earlier with some behind-the-scene pics and videos, Willow thanked her collaborator Eddie Benjamin, who played “damn near every instrument in the studio.”

“As you can see we had way too much fun making this track,” she posted, “and I can’t wait for you all to transcend this earthly plane while listening… I know we did.”

(Photo: Dana Trippe)

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