YouTuber Colleen Ballinger Addresses Grooming Allegations Months After ‘Embarrassing’ Ukulele Non-Apology

Colleen Ballinger is back with another apology… but this time, she left the ukulele out of it.

As Perezcious readers will remember, the YouTube star, who many will know by her alter ego of Miranda Sings, was hit with some pretty serious allegations earlier this year. But instead of addressing the situation with empathy and professionalism, she released a ten-minute video in June where she sang about fans hopping on a “toxic gossip train” — shifting blame from herself to social media users who wanted answers. You know the one…

Needless to say, that didn’t go over too well. But it’s now been five months, and she’s back and ready to take another crack at things.

In a 13-minute video posted on her channel on Saturday, the 36-year-old apologized for her absence, and reflected on the now-infamous uke video:

“Obviously, the last video that I posted on here is really embarrassing, to say the least.”

Yeah, we’d say. She continued:

“I was being accused of some pretty awful things and I just was mad and I should have handled that situation with maturity and empathy, but instead, I just let my ego take over and I’m really disappointed in myself.”

She then got to the real gist of her message, which low and behold was a more traditional apology:

“Over the last 15 years of my career, there have been moments where I was immature and inappropriate with some of my comedy. And there were times when I did not put enough thought into some of my fan interactions, and because of that behavior, people got hurt. And I am so sorry. I never wanted to hurt anybody but it’s clear that I did and I feel so terrible about that.”

She continued:

“I also feel like there’s people who are probably disappointed, or feel abandoned by me because of my silence over the last few months, and I’m so sorry about that as well. I needed to take time to make sure I was listening and learning as much as possible, and I also needed to get the help that I needed to be okay.”

The Hater Back Off star added:

“I am not a perfect person, and there are plenty of things in my past that I wish I could go back and re-do, and fix, and change. I don’t have any control over that and I don’t have any control over the things people say about me. I only have control over my actions moving forward. So I’m going to do everything that I can to make sure that I create a positive, kind, inclusive, safe space online with my content, and if you want to be a part of my journey online, I would love to have you, and if not, I completely understand. I do not expect anyone to welcome me back with open arms. I don’t expect to change anyone’s mind with this video, I just wanted to come on here and say that I’m sorry, and I wanted to try to show people that it’s possible for someone to grow, and learn, and be better after making mistakes many years ago. So that’s what I’m going to do.”

From there, she pretty much just got back into the swing of vlogging and giving fans updates on her life, but also acknowledged things will be “awkward and clunky” for a while.

If only this would have been the first apology… Then she wouldn’t have to be apologizing for her apology on TOP of everything else, which just feels… weird. Anyways, you can watch the full video (below):

Wow! Does it seem genuine to you, Perezcious readers? Are you satisfied, or do you you still have a bad taste in your mouth? Let us know in the comments down below…

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