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A YOUTHFUL looking 52-year-old has opened up about her skincare routine – including the bargain moisturiser she uses every day to help turn back the hands of time. 

Annamaria Kalebic has become somewhat of a social media sensation after she began sharing how she looks and feels young in her fifties. 

Since then, the TikTok user has been told countless times that she could pass for someone years younger.

And fans of the woman are desperate to find out the secrets behind her glowing complexion. 

Now, she’s let them in on a few of them, as she’s revealed her go-to moisturisers and actives – ingredients that have powerful benefits – that make up her daily routine.

She also lifted the lid on the order that she’d put them on each morning and evening. 

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Annamaria confessed: “I absolutely love actives when it comes to skincare.”

Continuing to speak about actives, which include the likes of Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide, she said: “It’s the actives that can deliver those visible results.

“When you’re going through the menopause, you do want to be careful not to overload with too many actives.

“It can cause skin sensitivities, redness and irritation.”

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She then shared her step-by-step guide, as she added “After cleansing, I’ll go in with this – a Vitamin C serum from Ever Skincare.

“It’s a lovely, lightweight serum, which is kind of more like an oil.

“I love it. It stabilises Vitamin C, which is really important and it feels lovely on the skin.”

She then adds a thin layer of Boots’ brand No. 7’s Future Renew Damage Reversal serum.

The “gel-like consistency” glides straight onto the skin, ready for the next part of her skincare saviour routine.

She said: “When it comes to moisturisers, I used to have a specific moisturiser for the day, and a specific one for the night.

“But I’ve just found that as long as I have got my actives sorted, my moisturiser is really about hydrating and locking everything in. 

“I tend to use this one from The Ordinary. It’s Moisturising Phytoceramides.

“It’s a really rich moisturiser that’s very hydrating.”

She then said that the product – which costs just £15 – has the “same richness” as the much more expensive Augustina Spader and therefore is a great dupe. 

While Annamaria also highlighted that on days when she’s looking to go the extra mile and have “super dewy skin”, she’ll turn to Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Water Cream. 

She added that she uses many of the same products in the evening, but would also add in Medik 8’s Retinal strength 6 and SPF 50 straight after cleansing.  

This comes after Annamaria also sang the praises of her number one cleanser – again from budget beauty and skincare brand, The Ordinary.

In a separate video posted to her account @annamariakalebic, Annamaria said The Ordinary’s Squalene Cleanser, which can be bought from the likes of Boots for just £8, is a must-try.

She explained: “I’m starting off with my favourite cream to oil cleanser.

“It says even on there that this is a make-up remover and cleanser, and I would use this as my first cleanse.

“It goes on like a cream, you rub your hands together and it turns it into an oil.

“It’s really good at dislodging your make-up.”

She also added that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on cleansers, but simply look for one with good ingredients. 

She concluded: “I honestly don’t believe you need to spend a lot on cleanser. At the end of the day, it’s taking your make-up off and you’re washing it away – it’s not going to sit on your skin.”

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