6 Stars Who Took Major Risks & Revealed Nipples On Red Carpet: Alexis Skyy, Kendall Jenner & More

We went from nip slips, to free the nipple to nips just being part of our every day wardrobe! These stars were never afraid to show off their tee-tahs in sheer dresses on the red carpet!

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and more lovely ladies always love to show some skin on the red carpet — nipples included! These women were early to the trend, that now so many have jumped on, from Alexis Skyy to Brie Larson! First, let’s look at Rihanna’s absolute fire CFDA look! She rocked an entirely sheer Adam Selman gown and a matching, embellish cap that gave off total Josephine Baker vibes. She added a furry boa that helped her achieve the Gatsby look she was going for. Now, let’s remember this was 2014 and way before this kind of look was on-trend! Riri is such a trendsetter.

Bella Hadid picked up the “Free The Nipple” trend, too, at the Vogue Paris Fashion Week party in 2015. She rocked a black halter dress, that revealed her nipple piercing for the first time! Then, she brought the trend back at the Dior Masquerade Ball in Paris in 2017. There, she rocked a stone-colored Dior gown that was bejeweled with a totally sheer corset. Her BFF Kendall Jenner has also showed her nips on the red carpet multiple times — most recently being in Cannes! Kenny went totally sheer in a green Elie Saab dress while attending the film festival and there’s no denying she absolutely slayed the carpet. Then, she stunned in a blush pink, plunging gown that also showed off her nipples. If you’re proud of ’em, show ’em — am I right?!

Of course, this all comes after Alexis Skyy wore a totally sheer Grayling Purnell dress that exposed her full body. The new mom showed off her already-fabulous post-baby body in the shocking gown, and slammed haters who dissed her outfit. “F**k y’all opinions I do me period,” she captioned the photo of herself after people called her “cheap” and “a mess.” All ya gotta say, girl, is “free the nipple!” There’s a crew of ladies to back it up with their own fabulous, sheer looks!


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