Can you spot the cake hiding amongst the toiletries? Woman plays trick on shoppers and it leaves them baffled | The Sun

THERE are loads of creative things you can turn cakes into, that is if you're a professional baker.

Tegan ‘Tigga’ Maccormack recently shocked shoppers when she hid a cake amongst toiletries.

The baker is known for her life-like cake designs, previously fooling shoppers with a cake that looked exactly like travel mug.

Sharing in a clip on her TiKTok, Tigga decided to take her skills to the next level and create a cake that blended in perfectly with the other products.

But can you spot the cake on the shelves?

Viewers speculated over which product could actually be the cake, with many guessing that is was on of the blue bottles of Nivea.

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But the baker's cake skills were so good hardly anyone spotted the hidden food, which was the bottle of Palmer's cocoa butter on the third shelf down in the middle.

Did you spot it?

To really put her skills to the test Tigga decided to take the cake to the tills to try and buy it and trick the cashier

She handed to cake to the worker with a few other non-cake items before grabbing it back and taking a big bite out of it, leaving the worker baffled.

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Viewers couldn't believe how realistic the cake looked, one said: "I was completely fooled!"

Another wrote: "If someone did that in front of me I'd honestly not know how to react."

And a third said: "Yes! Got it right for once!"

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