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AT first glance, this butterfly looks like an amazing oil painting – but upon closer inspection the artwork is a saucy optical illusion.

Many have been left puzzled to find that the butterfly perching on the vibrant yellow flower is actually a naked woman covered in body paint.

The optical illusion was made by talented Italian artist Johannes Stötter, who spent hours painstakingly painting the woman's curves to complete the masterpiece and create the stunning optical illusion.

Johannes, who is known as the 'Master of the Unseen', has spent years perfecting his technique, and believes The Butterfly is his best yet.

He said: "First, I made a small sketch of the position, just a drawing with a pencil. Then I tested the position with a real person.

"Afterwards, I created a bigger sketch and also added the colours and structures of the butterfly as I imagined it would look in the end.

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"Then I painted the background with the big yellow flower. At the end I did the actual body painting.

"So far everyone has reacted very positively and many people agree that this is my best artwork so far."

Although stunning to look at, Johannes admitted the idea wasn't an easy one to pull off.

He said: "The idea of the position happened quite suddenly and quickly, but the whole process was long and a lot of work.

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"There are various challenging aspects such as finding the position and getting the model into position.

"Certain positions are also very challenging for the models.

"In my opinion though this is my best, or one of my very best works. I think it is a very beautiful picture, even if you don't know that it is a body painting."

The artwork's model, Laura, needed to sit for the process five times and remain perfectly still for hours on end.

Johannes added: "When I designed it, I thought about who could fit in as a model.

"When Laura came to mind it was immediately clear for me that she was the right person.

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"She is very nice, beautiful inside and outside and a strong, patient model.

"I think Laura loved being the butterfly. Even though she had to go through the whole process five times, she remained calm and patient and did a wonderful job.

"It is of course difficult to hold a position for a long time. Certain body parts get really challenged."

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