Dog whizz shares the four breeds never recommended to first-time owners – one of them has a diet that'll cost you loads | The Sun

A PET guru has listed the four popular dog breeds to best give a miss if you're first-time owner.

From the adorable sausage dogs to the more loyal golden retriever, there are dozens of dog breeds to choose from.

But if your family is looking for a new pet, one expert in the industry has offered a helping hand by revealing the breeds that are best left with more experienced owners.

The whizz, better known as on TikTok, claimed there are four popular breeds that are likely to cause a headache.


Huskies might seem like a great option – after all, in movies they're all heroic.

But, as the guru explained in the video, they have heaps of energy and they're also stubborn – which is not an ideal combination.

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To make matters worse, huskies are bred to work and sled – so having one sitting in your home will drive the two of you insane.


Gracious and elegant, dalmatians make for another popular choice amongst pet lovers.

However, the expert urged to steer clear from this breed, describing it as ''prone to deafness''.

What's more, dalmatians also require a special diet – one that'll cost you loads in the long run.

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Belgian Shephard

Belgian Shepherd – also known as Belgian Malinois – are best fit for those with a lot of time and energy.

This is because they require constant attention and stimulation, and have a high drive, the pro noted.

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Despite their fluffy and cute appearance, the Akita breed is prone to aggression.

According to the pet enthusiast, these dogs are also extremely challenging to train and they shed heavily.

To make sure you and your pet are both happy, the whizz urged: ''Please research before buying any breed of dog.''

Fellow lovers of these furry four-legged pals flocked to comments to share their thoughts.

''And Rottweilers. Definitely not for first timers,'' one added.

Someone else thought: ''People just need to do their research before getting a dog.

''I would love a German shepherd but we don't have the space for one so I got a pug instead.''

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A second noted: ''Border collies are great but NOT for newbies.''

''I've raised and trained Akitas for years….your statement is correct,'' an expert agreed.

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