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AN ex Lush employee has listed the lid on working at the popular chain, including sharing whether they resell returned products.

YouTuber Jonathan Carson did a confessions video where he answered questions sent in by followers and shared some insider information.

One of the video highlights was revealing how you can pick up a free product in store.

He explained: “If you bring in five empty pots, you get a free face mask.”

Jonathan made a plea for people to not return half-used tubs as shop staff would have to scrape the remains of the “nasty” products, including “face scrubs” and “butt scrubs”.

One person had asked: “If a customer returns a product that you can’t put on sale anymore, what do you do with those, can employees take them?”

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Jonathan said the idea was “nasty” and they would never put them back on the shelves.

He explained: “I don’t think a single employee would want to, especially if it’s a soap somebody has used on their bodies?”

The Lush employee also answered why Lush bath bombs are “expensive” to some shoppers.

He said: “Honestly because they are Fair Trade, they are all handmade, they want to be able to pay employees fairly, which in my experience they did.”

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One person asked how he coped with the fragrant smell of the store for hours a day.

Jonathan answered: “No I think you go nose blind to it, I think people who work in fast food restaurants can attest to this.

“I understand that it smells intense, particularly to people who are sensitive to smells.”

He added that he would leave the store and smell “fantastic” after his shift and people would compliment him.

Jonathan said his least favourite products were anything involving glitter.

He said: “Dear God I could not touch anything, glitter everywhere, I would find glitter everywhere.”

The former Lush staff member dug out his old Lush apron on camera and was amazed to find it still had glitter on it.

He added: “What’s fantastic about this is our aprons were reversible, so if this side got gnarly, you could just flip it over.”

Lush had around 919 worldwide stores and made 40 million bath bombs worldwide in 2021.

Typically Lush, who turned over £780m last year, make their bath bombs by mixing sodium bicarbonate and citric acid – along with an array of perfumes and fantastical colours.

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Their best selling Intergalactic even has popping candy.

Fabulous was invited to go behind the scenes at the Poole-based headquarters to see what really goes into Lush’s quirky products.

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