Fashion fan shares simple way she stops uncomfy boots rubbing, and you’ve definitely got all you need | The Sun

WE all love wearing boots in the winter.

But the shoes often come with a whole load of blisters – especially if Dr Martens are your boots of choice.

So one fashion fan has shared the genius way she ensures no rubbing, and all you need is an extra pair of socks.

"If you’re wearing Dr Martens, just take another pair of socks, cut off the tips like this…" Lena said in her TikTok video.

She then took the cut up socks and pulled them over her other socks, so that she effectively had two pairs on – but not on her toes.

"So cosy," she added.

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The comments section was quickly filled with people weighing in on the hack, with one writing: "But why didnt you just wear the double socks, instead of cutting a pair?

"I promise it's still comfy."

"I actually would have to cut the toe part off because the doubling of my socks made the tips of my toes hurt," someone else hit back.

While others shared different suggestions on how they stop their own boots from rubbing.

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"if you have thin skin do bandaids, wrap with cloth bandages, then a rubber heel protectors, 3 pairs of socks," one wrote.

"I have found that tying the laces on my docs make them significantly more comfortable," another added.

"I’ve found silicone or gel socks help so much," a third commented.

"No blisters with silicone socks under my normal socks."

While another added: "I’ve been wearing fuzzy socks with mine and it’s a game changer for real."

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