From an S&M kit to a box of bacon… newlyweds are sharing the worst wedding guests they received

Well now newly-wedded couples are sharing some of the most bonkers presents they received on their special day… and we can't imagine ANY of these were on the wedding registry.

Sharing the bizarre presents on the forum Wedding Bee, one user revealed "my best friend and her husband got an S&M kit" to mark the occasion.

Because escaping up to the honeymoon suite isn't awkward enough as it is, right?

And while you'd expect this kind of gag from a jokester Best Man, the worst thing about it is that the raunchy gift came from the bride's "unassuming, demure 65-year-old aunt!"

We can't even imagine how cringeworthy that moment must have been. Let alone the thought of your aunt venturing into Ann Summers on your behalf…

And if you thought that was bad, we can't quite wrap our heads around why another couple were gifted "20 lbs of bacon" on their wedding day.

Equally as baffled, the bride wrote: "This guest got it from a meat market and thought, 'hey bacon!'"

Because everyone knows a buttie makes for the best kind of wedding gift…

They added: "I divided it up with everyone I knew and their mother and yet we still have bacon left."

Maybe they can ditch the celebratory frozen slice of cake and go for a bacon fry-up on their first anniversary instead?

And the food themed wedding presents don't stop there.

One lucky couple were given a loaf of bread – unfortunately it had already gone out of date.

While plenty of couples insist guests don't spend a fortune on gifts, one frugal friend took this to a whole new level by gifting the happy couple "a package of paper plates".

Because where most newlyweds are all about the wedding china, at least one bride will have plenty of plates when it comes round to cutting the cake.

Another 'delightful' wedding present included a single saucer for a teacup.

Unfortunately this one off item also had the name of the person who had given it to the newly weds engraved on it.

In another compilation of wacky wedding presents put together by Stuff, another user revealed they were bizarrely gifted a set of "used spices" to celebrate the occasion.

Not to mention the person who was gifted "a used cookbook" with its "pages ripped out" with "things added, and highlighted".

Were they making a comment on their cooking? Were they simply cleaning out their kitchen? Who knows.

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