Grandmas share the 'modern' phrases they find most annoying… and we're all guilty of at least a few | The Sun

IT DOESN'T matter which generation you were born into, there's always tension between those who were born in another.

Many millennials can't understand why anyone would want to do TikTok dances, while boomers refuse to get on board with Instagram.

Noting the differences and joking about them, has become the only hobby that unites all generations and now the grannies are at it.

Grandmas have congregated together to list the most annoying "modern" words and phrases, and everyone's guilty of at least one or two.

Taking to Gransnet, one member of the older generation asked: "What current day words drive you up the wall?

"I guess I must be getting older and grumpier! I used to go with the flow.

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"I cannot stand; Woke, wokery, this arvo, somethink, the olds (I do sometimes laugh at that).

"Mind you guess I am very lucky if that’s all I have to worry about. What are your pet hate words?"

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Fellow Gransnet users were quick to jump in with their least favourites.

One person said: "Can I get? (May I have?) No worries. Anything having 'for you' appended to it."

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Another said: "I ain’t gonna lie, sick and ‘can I get’ is my biggest hate!"

Other despised sayings included: "my bad", "from the get-go", "uni", "I got your back" and "awesome".

One gran said: "Get-go is awful. I also don’t like the almost universal call (verb) for telephone, as in “I’ll call this evening”.

"Makes me think the speaker will turn up on my doorstep."

Another said: "Up for grabs. I keep hearing that 'medals are up for grabs at the Games today'.

"It's such an unpleasant way of saying that there are medals to be won."

A third said: "'Ya right? Instead of 'Hi, how are you?'

"'You guys' is just cringe worthy

"'Like' said every other word: 'So, I was, like, going to the mall and I was like super busy, like I had, like no time to waste at all, like every second counted and I was like rushing like crazy!' Like grrrrr!"

While another said: "'Simply put…' don’t know why, but it irritates me. As several of you have said 'you guys' as I find it patronising and I’m not a guy! 'Super excited' another irritant. I could go on…"

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And another said they didn't like the use of "journey" for life experiences.

So next time you're round your nan's house and you get told off, you can't say we didn't warn you.

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