Gypsy shares the bizarre insults trolls 'hurl' at her and hits back at common folk who say ‘I saw your home on the M6’ | The Sun

A GYPSY has spoken out against trolls who constantly hurl insults her way. 

Heidi Mcdongh Clee often uses her social media account to share an insight into her life alongside tips and tricks on keeping a clean home. 

But after receiving one too many comments filled with insults, she couldn’t help but hit back at the haters. 

Looking gorgeous with her blonde mane in curls, she looked to the side as she declared: “Me picking my favourite comment…” in a sarcastic way. 

One comment read: “You don’t know nothing, you didn’t go to school enough!!!” 

Another said: “Did you marry your first cousin?” as a third wrote: “I hate all your lot!!!!” 

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And a fifth’s comment was: “Your house has wheels”. 

In the caption, TikTok user @h.mccc added: “FYI… if you feel the urge to comment these.. Your not original,” followed by three laughing emojis.

People were quick to share their thoughts on her post as one person wrote: “or when they're like "saw your house on the m16",” with a rolling eyes emoji.

Heidi replied: “Love that one, classic,” followed by three crying with laughter emojis.

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Another said: “wish my house had wheels I'd be off xx,” with a crying with laughter emoji.

A third posted: “Hahaha x I love it x just jealous x”. 

While a fourth added: “D is my favourite as it’s just so funny it gets me every time x,” indicating that the ‘house is on wheels’ comment is her favourite. 

Heidi has previously hit out at trolls over their nasty comments, adding: “Yet it’s me that’s teaching you how to keep a home, my page you check everyday because it’s me you’re trying to keep up with”. 

Commenting on this, one person said: “Your fabulous keep being you xxx”. 

“I love watching u I wish I was half the woman u are fair play to u thir all jelos,” a second declared.

While a third added: “Ignore the jealous ones, they just wish they were you, have what you have got xx”. 

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