Hair stylist makes woman's hair frazzle to pieces when doing a strand test to show the dangers of box dye

A HAIRDRESSER showed the dangers of using a box dye at home when he did a strand test on a client and revealed the huge damage the diy do had done to her locks.

The stylist pulled back the blonde dye on the thick strand of hair only to reveal the frazzled hair that lay beneath as well as a lump of hair that came out in his hand.

TikToker Matthewwhair, uploads regular hair videos for his 10k followers.

He uploaded this video with the caption: "Black box dye after going blonde."

Fans were quick to comment and a lot of people pointed out that the section of hair was more than they would consider a "strand".

One said: "Homie that's like seven strands."

Another agreed: "You literally tested a whole section of hair."

But another user jumped to his defence, saying: "You guys are commenting 'THAT'S SUCH A BIG STRAND TO TEST ON' now imagine if she did it to her whole head without knowing that would happen."

The client herself seemed very happy with the service, even taking to TikTok to describe her experience.

Jannelle said: "Hi, I'm the client! This was the day of my appointment, I went ahead with the service, chopped off some inches and went orange! He did amazing!"

We just love a happy ending!

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