Here’s why Prince William doesn’t wear a wedding ring

THE wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton 10 years ago was one of the most-watched events of the decade.

As the loved-up royals regularly step-out at events in each other’s company, some eagle-eyed social media users have noticed something different about Wills and Kate.

While the Duchess of Cambridge proudly displays her sparkler on her left hand, the Duke’s wedding ring is nowhere to be seen.

Ditching tradition, it seems that William isn’t a fan of jewellery at all.

After the royal pair got hitched in 2011, a spokesperson from the palace revealed the reason why the Prince decided to go ringless.

They explained: “It is simply down to personal preference.

“It was something that the couple discussed but Prince William isn’t one for jewellery.”

Luckily, Kate didn’t turn down the chance to wear Princess Diana’s breath-taking 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire ring.


In 2011, William gave his wife the sparkler which his late mother wore during her marriage to Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Cambridge also wears a traditional gold wedding band beside the eye-catching sapphire.

It’s not the first royal fashion revelation to catch the attention of Brits.

With his insanely cute grin, adorable wave and stylish dress sense, Prince George has won thousands of fans the world over.

But have you ever wondered why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son has such a penchant for shorts?

George is rarely seen in trousers or dungarees and, according to an etiquette expert, there’s a very snobby reason behind it.

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