H&M "Looop" Will Transform Old Clothes Into New Ones in Front of You

H&M continues its sustainability efforts with a new recycling system called “Looop” — a machine that has landed in one of its Drottninggatan stores in Stockholm today with the aim to turn old clothes into new ones.

“Looop” transforms your old garments into new fashion pieces in the most eco-friendly ways possible. First, it cleans and shreds pieces into its base fibers before spinning these into new yarn. In some circumstances, sustainably sourced virgin materials will need to be added to help bulk out the yarn, but this is done with caution and is limited as much as possible.

“Looop” uses no water and no chemicals which make for a lower environmental impact than standard garment production, and the result is a new yarn that can then be knitted to create new clothes. H&M aims that by 2030, all of its materials will be recycled or sourced in a more sustainable way.

The container-sized machine is in store and is open to public use now, showing customers the recycling process and how H&M continues to become a circular fashion brand first-hand. ”Looop” costs H&M loyalty members kr100 SEK and non-members kr150 SEK (approx. $11 USD/$17 USD) to transform old pieces into new ones, with all of the proceeds goings towards research on materials.

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