Homeowners are going wild for Asda's £12 inflatable moon chair & even say it’s ‘life changing’

AN inflatable chair from Asda has homeowners flocking to stores to get their hands on one before they sell out. 

The £12 Ozark Moon Trail chair has already sold out in some stores across the UK. 

It went viral on TikTok, after social media user Katie.ann, shared a video of her purchase last week. 

The video, which has been viewed 2.3million times, shows Katie walking up to the chair and sitting on it while eating. 

Text that accompanied the video read: "This is everyone's sign to go to Asda and get the £12 inflatable outdoor moon chairs. Life changing!!"

Katie received thousands of comments following this video, with one even commenting to “keep things to yourself so they don’t get sold out.” 

Others asked her about the chair, which resulted in another video.

She says: “It is filled with hair. 

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“It didn’t come with a pump, I had to blow it up myself which was excruciating so I will be buying a pump for future use. 

“Sound wise, it just sounds like an inflatable mattress so not too noisy. 

“People who struggle with sensory, it literally just feels like crushed velvet. I’m not a big fan of velvet but this feels really nice to touch.

Honestly been living in it the past 2 days! #asda #fyp #summer #unilife #foryou #outdoors #camping #lifetips

“It folds down pretty flat.

“It’s a great chair. Go and buy it. 

“They should be in the season aisle where the BBQ stuff.”

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On the supermarket website, the description of the chair reads: "Comfortable flocked surface with sturdy coil beam construction. 2 air chambers construction, super comfortable design."

The chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it comes in three different colours in blue, red and lilac.

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