THE heat does not only affect us humans, but it also affects our little feline friends including cats.

This is how to make sure to keep your cats cool and minimise the risks of heatstroke.

How to keep your cats cool

Here we're gonna give you some tips on how to make sure that your cats are staying cool in this unbearable heatwave.


Make sure that your cats always have access to fresh water.

If they are running around different areas of the house, it would be wise to set up different bowls in different rooms.

If they start struggling to find water, they'll run off to somewhere to try and find water and you do not want your cats leaving the house in this heat.

If you have multiple cats, put multiple bowls of water in different rooms at a distance from each other, because cats do not like to share bowls.

Make sure to change it often, as in this heat, the water will become too warm for it to help the cats remain cool and prevent dehydration.


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Keep your cat at home

We all know that cats like to go out and explore, but during the heatwave, it would be best to at least only let them out early in the morning and later at night when temperatures are a bit cooler.

If possible, try not to let them out at all until the heatwave lasts.

You can try installing some nets with your windows and certain doors so that your cat doesn't manage to sneak out without you knowing.

Create a cool room for them

Try closing the curtains and opening some windows and turning on a fan to try and create some cool air around the house.

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It's best to avoid leaving your cat in a shed or on the porch as these places tend to get really hot.

If you keep them outside, make sure to create some shade for them to stay in.


While fur is a great protector from the sun, sphynx cats, ginger cats and white cats are more prone to getting sunburnt.

What we recommend is first groom your cat – so cut off any excess fur and brush it so that the fur is neat and it doesn't trap any heat in it.

Then try applying some sun cream for pets, so that if they go outside, they have some protection against the sun's rays.

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