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A WOMAN admitted how rarely she washes her bra – and everyone was completely in shock.

Aussie influencer Laura Henshaw was hosting her podcast when she let slip that she only puts her bra in the washing machine once a month.

Speaking on the latest installment of KICPOD, Laura asked: “How often am I meant to be washing my bra?”

As her co-host Steph Claire Smith looked concerned about what Laura was going to say next, Laura continued: “Because I genuinely don’t wash my bra…”

Steph then decided to grill Laura on her cleaning habits, as she asked: “No, how often do you actually?”

To which Laura replied: “Probably once a month, I reckon!”

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She continued: “It is harder to wash a bra and I also feel like the longer the life of the bra, the less you wash it.”

Laura also clarified that she’d had no complaints about her underwear smelling and that she thought her habits were totally ok. 

As soon as Laura had made the admission, Steph’s jaw dropped as she exclaimed: “Once a month? Laura!”

Steph then added that she washes hers “every two to three wears” and that she’d be interested to get a whiff of Laura’s bra to see if she’s correct.

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And it didn’t take long for the confession to spark a huge debate, as their listeners told Laura – who can be found on TikTok under the name @laura.henshaw – that she should do it more often.

One TikToker wrote: “I wear a new one every day and chuck it in the wash bin every day!”

A second social media user said: “Seriously people?? I’m shocked. Twice a week for me.”

While a third typed: “I wash mine after each wear – like a shirt.” 

But what is the experts’ guidance on how often you should be putting your bra in the wash? 

According to a dermatologist, Alok Vij, MD, there is a rule you should be following – and Laura is way out as it should be done once every two to three wears.

He also clarified what constitutes a full wear, as he added: “A few hours with a bra on with minimal sweating might not count as a full ‘wear.’ 

All the dead skin cells, oils and sweat trapped under your bra make for a cesspool of bacteria and yeast

“But a few hours with heavy sweating could count as a double or triple wear.”

And what will happen if you don’t? 

He issued a warning, as he told Cleveland Clinic: “All the dead skin cells, oils and sweat trapped under your bra make for a cesspool of bacteria and yeast.

“Not washing frequently enough can lead to stains and persistent odours on the bra — as well as skin irritation, rashes or local skin infections from yeast or bacteria.”

Alok Vij concluded: “With gentle care, quality bras can last for years.

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“But washing too frequently — or not frequently enough — can destroy your bra or mar your skin.”

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