I bought a cute party dress from Vinted but it arrived with a disgusting stain on it – I’m never shopping on there again | The Sun

A WOMAN who ordered an Oh Polly dress from Vinted was left feeling sick when it arrived with a disgusting stain on it.

Emma took to her TikTok page to share a video of the plunging glittery pink halterneck dress.

And while it looked perfect at first glance, she then panned the camera down to show a brown stain on the back bottom section of the dress.

"I am actually going to be sick, I am NEVER ordering from Vinted again," she captioned the video.

"Why is this on the bum part ‘no sign of wear, perfect condition’?"

"Brb going to throw my whole bed away," she concluded.

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"I’m dead HAHAHAHAHAHA," one person commented on the video.

"I feel like I need to bleach my whole house and hands," Emma replied.

"What a shame that dress is lush," another added.

"Just get the vanish out."

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"I ordered a dress from there and it STANK like idk what the smell even was but it’s sitting in a bag cause I can’t even bear to pick it up to wash," a third commented.

"Like would you not wash it first regardless if it was dirty or not knowing it’s being sent to someone," someone else wrote.

"I got stuff recently covered in hair, animal and human and the fabric was all pulled. Put it straight in the bin," another said.

To which Emma replied: "It’s so bad isn’t it, I don’t understand how people can send stuff off like that."

"Vile," someone else wrote.

"I bought something sold as ‘new’ on vinted and there was a soggy chewing gum in the pocket and you could tell the item had been washed."

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