I bought a Poundland makeup haul for under £30 and here's how it looked | The Sun

DID you know Poundland does make-up?

Think you're brave enough to try it?

Charlotte Hyatt has over 145,000 followers on TikTok and decided to put the budget brands make-up to the test in one of her recent videos.

She said: “I’ve got a full face of Poundland to test out.”

Charlotte made it clear even though Poundland is known for its low prices she did spend quite a bit of money on the makeup.

Charlotte spent £26 in total on the Poundland makeup.

Charlotte said: “So actually they kind of scammed me because it’s not all a pound, did you know that?”

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First Charlotte tried the Illunminating foundation by Makeup gallery. 

She said “Okay that looks really nice. Is it just me who’s a little bit shook by that? That’s really nice”.

Charlotte added a few more products to her face that she usually uses but could nto find Poundland and then admitted the foundation was a little bit dark for her.

Then she moved on to a pressed powder in shade translucent again from the Makeup gallery. 

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Charlotte said: “I also bought a powder brush to see how good it is”.

After patting it in she said : “ I mean for a pound this is amazing”.

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Then she tried the powder on her forehead which she said was where she was most oily.

Charlotte said: “Yeah ten out of ten”. 

Charlotte finished the rest of her make up in a part two video. 

For this video Charlotte tried a brow gel in shade brunette.

The makeup lover applied the gel and admitted: “Okay I'm not sure if that did anything”.

Then she moved on to a brown pencil in the same shade.

Charlotte said: “I actually really like this, it’s really good at shaping them. The only thing is be a little lighthanded because it’s actually quite pigmented.”

Next Charlotte tried a mascara called the bomb. She confessed she despised the shape of the masacara wand. But she decided to give it a go.

She said: “I mean if you're on a budget it's not bad but it's also not my fave[favourite]”.

Next the makeup fan tried an eye pencil that she wanted to use as a higlighter.

Charlotte said: This is gonna sell out I know it. This is insane”.

It is the Glideaway eyeshadow stick if you are interested.

To finish Charlotte tried a brown lip gloss.

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She said: “This is a really nice shade for Christmas and Autumn. I love that, that looks so luxury”

Charlotte concluded: “I’ve got to say I am so impressed. If you're on a budget… Poundland”

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