I bought a special gadget for my Air Fryer & it’s a game-changer, I can do a massive meal for the whole family at once | The Sun

BRITS have well and truly jumped on the air fryer bandwagon over the last few months.

And it makes sense, air fryers cost less to run than your oven, can cook a variety of dishes and do it quicker.

But one woman has shared the nifty gadget she bought for hers and it's a game-changer.

Posting her find to TikTok, Charz Reviews tried out a rack you can purchase on Amazon for £21.99.

She said: "I saw someone buy a rack for their air fryer and thought that's an amazing idea.

"It means I can fit a bit more in and separate the cod and pop it in."


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Rather than waiting for each item to cook individually, it means Char can cook a lot more food in one go.

She also managed to have space in her air fryer to cook some potatoes to go along with the crispy cod she cooked.

It meant she was able to cook her entire family's dinner in the air fryer, minus the baked beans which you can easily chuck in the microwave for a few minutes.

"Making the most out of the air fryer," she captioned the post.

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And it seemed Char wasn't the only one impressed by the handy gadget.

One person wrote: "You, you have a special place in heaven for this, thank you."

Another commented: "Awesome idea."

"Oh amazing," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Life hacks for days."

"Game changer," a fifth claimed.

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