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WITH the cost-of-living crisis affecting households up and down the country, few people want to fork out on the extortionate price of tumble dryers this winter.

But one savvy mum, who can't afford to run her tumble dryer or buy a heated airer, has revealing four quick and easy ways to speed up drying your wet laundry when it's wet and rainy outside.

In a clip posted to TikTok (@livingwiththeevans), the savvy woman explains: "As a mum, one of the things I hate about winters is the amount of clothes I have to wash and dry.

Addressing her social media followers, she asks: "Anyone else seem to drown in washing this time of year?

"We have a tumble dryer, but it's SO expensive to run & I find it's shrinks clothes (especially the kids!)

"We can't afford a heated airer or dehumidifier…"



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She then goes on to share her four top tips that help her speed up the drying process.

First up, Mrs Evans advises: "Hang clothes on an airer and if it's dry pop it outside.


"If it starts to rain it's easy enough to grab and put inside."

Next up, she recommends placing the airer next to an open window.

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This will allow a free flow of fresh air inside the home which will help to prevent increased moisture, keeping your clothes smelling fresh at all times and your house mould-free.

The savvy mum then goes on to say that if you do have your heating on at any time, to make the most of it and " put your clothes there in a small room and close the door.!

Finally, she says: "Hang bulky/thicker items on a curtain pole with the windows open."

And she isn't the first person to use a pole to help speed up the drying process.

Fabulous previously told how a woman named Leanne Robson took to money-saving Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group and revealed how she was ‘buzzing’ with the £9 electric-free way she dries her washing in the winter.

In a photo uploaded online, she can be seen using a clothes rail, which can be bought from Ikea for as little as £9, to dry her wet washing.

After securing it from wall to wall, she then spaces her clothes out so they have enough room to dry.

Alongside the image, she penned: "Buzzing with my new clothes rail. Saving me a fortune on rainy days.

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"It's across my open stairs so its out the way. Heat rises so dries in a day. Its just a curtain pole and 2 wardrobe rail cups.

"Bonus is its all on hangers ready to put away too."

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