I changed my five-month-old baby’s name because I didn’t like her first one, but trolls say this one is just as bad | The Sun

NAMING your baby is a pretty big deal.

So it's no wonder that parents spend ages thinking of the perfect name for their newborn.

But what happens when your change your mind on the name you went with?

Well one mum revealed that she decided to change the name of her daughter at five-months-old, but trolls savaged the mum saying both names are just as bad.

The mum explained: "For five months her father and I struggled with feeling like Isabeau wasn't the right name for her.

"We decided to follow our hearts and change it to something that truly embodies who she is."


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The parents made 'Isabeau' the baby's middle name instead, and gave her the new first name 'Jovie'.

"It feels so right and perfect," the mum wrote.

"She gleamed with joy when I called her Jovie for the first time," she added.

But Reddit users slammed the mum's name choice, saying the new name was just as bad.

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One wrote: "I still don’t like either Isabeau or Jovie. To me, Jovie feels like a made-up name, whether or not it is."

A second jabbed: "Jovie is super cute…for a pet."

And another joked: "They are probably massive Bon Jovi fans and are just too embarrassed to admit it."

"Yikes one bad name for another, poor kid," another commented.

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