I completely transformed my face with fillers and look like a different person – trolls are vicious but I love it | The Sun

SHE looks like a different person now than just a few years ago.

But aesthetic practitioner Shan's incredible transformation also sees her targeted by cruel trolls.

Shan took to TikTok to share a video of herself which included pictures of herself pre-filler and after.

"I wonder if a s**t load of filler will suit me," she wrote on the "before" pictures.

And then she added on the after ones: "It does".

"New person tbh #beforeandafter #transformation," she captioned the video.

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Some people were less than impressed by her makeover, with one writing: "You look like every other girl with filler now."

But Shan insisted she "takes this as a compliment".

Others asked her how much filler she'd had, and whereabouts she'd had it on her face.

Responding in another video, Shan said: "So obviously I’ve had my lips- multiple times."

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"I’ve got about 1ml in each cheek at the minute – I had two separate sessions of 0.5ml each side.

"Then I had my jaw done but it was about three years ago so that’s sort of gone.

"I can still feel it a tiny bit but not much.

"I had my chin done at the same time but I’m sure that’s all gone.

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"I had my marionette lines, but I think they may have gone when I had my filler dissolved."

In addition to all of that, Shan get a "s**t load of Botox" and has her eyebrows tattooed.

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