I converted my van into a tiny home – my dining seats serve dual purposes, my cat likes the first chair | The Sun

A LIFESTYLE influencer has shared how much it cost her to turn her van into a tiny home.

She showed off the versatile space, including her dining seats with a dual purpose for her cat.

Julia (@juliabrookee) shared the van tour in a video with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

She spent $40,000 on her 2020 Ford Transit but saved a bit of money by doing the build herself.

Starting in her kitchen, she was proud to show off her three-burner stove and oven, a 12V fridge, a pull-out pantry, her storage space, a trash can, a deep sink, and running water.

Moving onto her bedroom, she revealed her full-length mirror, clothing rack, and storage for clothes in her dresser.

For dining space, she had a dinette with her cat's litter box doubling as a bench seat and the other seat doubling as the home to her electrical, storing over 100 amp hours of lithium battery.

Her bedroom featured a bookshelf as well as a toilet underneath her bed, a skylight, and a ceiling fan.

She revealed that the total cost of her build was only $8,982, bringing her total cost to just under $50,000.

People were shocked at how affordable her tiny home was: "Considering the money you’d pay on rent… Worth it!" said one commenter.

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"Over 8 years we paid like 90k in rent! Would have rather something that was mine."

Others thought the space was great with one exception: "Everything is OK but no washroom," grimaced one viewer.

"It's cute but too expensive for a van without a bathroom," agreed another.

Others thought her happiness should be the only measure of cost: "If you're happy that's all that matters," said a fan.

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