I don’t wash my hands after I wee – I run the tap so people don't judge but trolls slam me and say I'm disgusting | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has sparked a huge debate online after revealing that she doesn’t wash her hands after going for a wee.

Valera Djordjevic, 21, caused a stir on social media recently as she claimed that she will run the tap when in public so people don’t judge her for not washing her hands.

However, many were left disgusted at Valera’s confession, as people hailed it “disgusting” and “gross.” 

Posting on social media, Valera filmed herself pretending to wash her hands.

She admitted: “Sometimes I just don’t feel like washing my hands so I turn the sink on and make splashing noises so nobody judges me.”

Valera then confirmed: “Only when I go [for a] number one.

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“I always wash my hands after [a] number two.”

Following this, Valera explained that “most people” are absolutely stunned when they find out about her hand washing habits, but in response, she mimed along to a Doja Cat song that proudly said: “B***h, I said what I said.” 

As she explained why she doesn’t always wash her hands, Valera penned: “Sometimes I just don’t want my whole hand wet then like dry and tight after drying it, or I have lotion on.

“My hands get all dry and tight every time I wash them so I don’t feel like applying lotion after every time I go pee.”

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She then added: “Don’t worry I’m a clean person lol, just sometimes the thought of getting my hand wet is not it so I just don’t.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @realvaleradj, has clearly left many stunned, as it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a staggering three million views. 

However, social media users were left totally divided at Valera’s claims – while some agreed and admitted that they too do the same, others were seriously disgusted and in shock that Valera doesn’t always wash her hands after going to the toilet.

One person said: “I relate.” 

Another added: “1000% sometimes I just be so lazy.”

A third commented: “This is so real and I'm not ashamed.”

Meanwhile, another admitted: “I rarely wash my hands. I hate the feeling of wet hands.” 

However, at the same time, many others were eager to disagree with Valera.

One user wrote: “I can’t leave the bathroom without washing my hands. Even if I just went in there to look in the mirror or something.”

A second claimed: “girl this is nasty.”

Whilst someone else shared: “That's just f*****g disgusting.”

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Similarly, another person chimed in: “Please stop justifying saying 'I’m a clean person'. This is gross.”

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