I fell asleep with tight curls in my hair – it’s so knotty I had to cut it all off, I lost £400 and feel like crying | The Sun

WOULD you cut your own hair? 

It’s a question we all asked ourselves during lockdown in 2020, as we suffered frizzy ends and grown-out hair dye.

And unless our blokes had a buzz cut, they were stuck with overgrown mops too.

Then there’s the mishaps we can’t avoid: chewing gum glued to our locks and combs knotted to the point of no return. 

Most of us would rush to the hairdressers in such an emergency, but one woman took matters into her own hands – and the consequences were shocking.

Influencer Ellie Mae Grady shared a panicked clip on TikTok after waking up with hair so knotty, nothing could save her but scissors. 


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1.4million people tuned in to hear Ellie’s story and see the events that followed. 

“This is the situation I’m in right now,” she states, looking stressed. “I wore my hair in tight curls the other night and went to sleep. This is the result.” 

Ellie holds her damp hair up to the camera, showing off enormous knots as she tries in vain to loosen them with her tangle teezer. 

“I can’t get any of the knots out, there’s just no way,” she exclaims. “So basically, what I’ve realised is that I’m gonna have to cut my hair off.” 

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Ellie begins pulling huge clumps of matted hair away from her roots which, it transpires, were incredibly expensive extensions. 

“These cost me £400,” she says hysterically. “Did I mention I’m actually going away for the weekend as well?” 

After loosening as much of her hair as possible, Ellie produces a pair of scissors and begins to hack away at her long locks. 

“I’m actually going to have to come back with part two because I’m really stressed. I’m making a joke of it but I’m actually going to cry.” 

The next day, Ellie posted an update to show off her self-cut hair with uneven ends.

“This is what I managed to salvage. I know it’s not the best cut but it could be worse, right?”

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Ellie’s followers were shocked by her DIY job and launched into her comments, urging her not to cut her hair and try other techniques to rid her hair of knots. 

But it was too late. 

“Use oil – argan, coconut, any, please don’t cut it,” urged one mortified user. 

“Please go to the hairdresser… my stomach is churning watching the scissors going chop, chop,” replied another. 

“I had extensions in and this exact thing happened when I did tight curls,” replied an empathetic viewer. 

A final user suggested: “Leave it in conditioner all day!” 

Thankfully, Ellie’s new DIY do has paid off, as many have complimented her chop. 

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“I would pay for your haircut,” admitted one. 

And a second said: “You look amazing!”

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