I forked out on bum implants then they almost FELL OUT… it was the worst experience ever, I just get bum filler now | The Sun

ONE plastic surgery fan was left with bum implants almost falling out after her operation went horribly wrong.

Nasrin Cornfield-Smith, who posts on TikTok under the username @aestheticcliniclondon, was just 18 when she became hooked on filler.

Now, two decades later, she's forked out a fortune for over ten cosmetic and plastic procedures, completely changing her apperance.

But although the naturally stunning beauty fan looks amazing, things haven't always run so smoothly – and her experience with bum implants is not or the faint-hearted.

Nasrin, who now works an aesthetic practitioner, revealed her implants were peeking through her bum.

The 37-year-old took to TikTok to share the surgery horror story with her 68k fans.


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''I had bum implants done and then about four weeks later the incision started opening and the implant started to come out.''

Mortified, she immediately booked a flight to see the specialist responsible for this and it was decided Nasrin would need to have the removed.

''I can honestly say as someone who's had a lot of surgery done – I never complain about it, I never moan – oh dear Lord, that was the worst surgery I have ever had done.

''Worst recovery, worst surgery, would never do it again'' she vowed in the video.

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''The discomfort was unreal.

''Thankfully, the bum is healed now.''

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Horrified by the the shocking aftermath, social media users flocked to comments.

One fan exclaimed completely mortified: ''When I tell you I GASPED when I seen the opening.''

Someone else added: ''Omg girl your lucky to be alive that could have been so bad.''

''I wish more women were open like you. Love the honesty!'' a third penned.

''I can see you get told this often but I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for your honesty regarding procedures!'' a follower wrote.

Just like UK-based Nasrin, online content creator, Natasha Crown (@natashacrowntv1), has also had loads of work done on her body and face.

The self-titled ''plus size queen'', believed to be from somewhere in Europe, regularly takes to TikTok to show off her curves.

And it's safe to say her clips have caused quite the storm, amassing her close to 46k fans and more than 226k overall likes on the popular platform.

Posing in skintight leggings and figure-hugging gym gear, Natasha is known for flaunting her bum to hopeful would-be Romeos.

Recently, the content creator revealed that her butt is so big, she's even able to use it as a shelf, piling on perfumes to keep on her cheeks.

As well as a larger bum, the ''Barbie'' has also had lip filler to complete the ''fake body'' – and there's no stopping any time soon.

Demonstrating her curves, Natasha asked her loyal fans if she should consider going even bigger.

''Is it too much? I will add more,'' she promised.

However, her love for plastic surgery comes at a price – not only is she barely able to sit on a chair without having to bend over, her looks have also been slammed on social media.

Here, concerned people have said that besides looking unnatural, her body is about to pop any second due to the amount of filler and work that's been done.

Seeing Natasha's body, TikTok fans have even wondered if her surgeon was experienced enough, with one writing: ''that surgeon needs a few more years of medical school.''

Someone else thought: ''At some point surgeons should say no.''

''some people don't care what type attention they get as long as it's attention? I'm so confused,'' a third was baffled.

But despite being bombarded with negative comments, the content creator has also found herself plenty of fans, who describe her looks as ''gorgeous''.

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''looking good,'' one bloke seemed particularly impressed with Natasha's curves.

''I love you you are beautiful the most beautiful and beautiful in the world,'' another romantic made the move.

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