I found a £1.2k nightstand on Facebook Marketplace for just £8 and restored it – trolls say I ruined it with the stain | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has revealed she managed to find a £1.2k nightstand for the bargain price of £8 – but the restoration had mixed reactions…

Anne “Lilly” Skjoldahl is known as ‘the furniture doctor’ and often uses her social media account to showcase how she flips her finds.

In one clip, the brunette beauty revealed she was scouring through Facebook Marketplace when she came across a mid-century piece.

“I was scrolling through Facebook Marketplace when I recognised this little nightstand for $10 (£8),” she shared.

“And sure enough, it’s a solid Maple Heywood Wakefield nightstand.”

This nightstand goes for £1,111 online, making it an incredible find for Anne.

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Showing off the nightstand to viewers, people could see it needed a lot of love and care to restore it back to its former glory.

Even Anne said it was “so dirty”, which prompted her to use a power scrubber by Scrub Daddy to remove the grime.

After going over the entire thing, she then sanded it down “with a 100 grit sandpaper and slowly worked my way up to 180 grit”.

Anne then applied an oil-based preconditioner, which she let sit for several hours before applying “one coat of a pecan-coloured gel stain”.

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She continued: “I’m really not sure why I decided to go with a darker stain for this piece of maple, but it’s kind of giving cabin vibes.

“Once the stain dried, I applied four coats of a semi-gloss lacquer to seal it all up.”

She then showed the before and after pictures before asking: “Do you like the dark stain or should I have gone a little bit lighter?”

In the caption, YouTuber @thefurnituredoctor added: “My CRAZY Facebook Marketplace Thrift Find! A solid maple MCM furniture flip”.

People had mixed reactions about the stain, however, as one person wrote: “Hey wood Wakefield was known for its stain colors….champagne, etc. I would at least have tried to mimic one of their stains.”

Another said: “Lighter would have definitely been more beautiful, but great work!”

A third shared: “Augh!!!! No dark stain!!!!! Let the maple shine through!”

While a fourth added: “I may have tried something lighter first personally, but girl that piece looks absolutely amazing! So cozy and very clean.”

But others loved what she’d done as one said: “It’s gorgeous! The dark stain was definitely the way to go!”

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A second shared: “I don’t know what the obsession with light stains are these days because darker stains are beautiful”.

While a third wrote: “Wow that's beautiful. I love darker stains so I'm really happy with the choice you made. I think it'll add some coziness to whatever space it ends up in because of the color.”

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