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A SAVVY saver has taken to TikTok to share how he furnished his entire home for free – and people can’t believe how luxe it looks. 

Rhys, known online as @rhysstroulger, regularly shares life updates with his 45,000 followers. 

In a new video, the content creator shared how he got various pieces of furniture for nothing, including two sofas, two mirrors, and various cupboards. 

He said: “How I furnished my house for nothing. Zilch, zippo, nada. 

“So first up, someone was getting rid of this TV unit on Trash Nothing, so we went and picked it up. 

“It didn’t originally come in this colour, so it was actually a darker brown than this, but we sanded it down, added some wood toner on, and this is the result.” 


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Next, Rhys shares how they thrifted a luxe-looking blue chest of drawers.

He said: “I love this piece. 

“Again, we got thi originally free from an app called Free Cycle. 

“This is what it looked like originally. We sanded it down, painted it, added our handles on and yeah, this is the finished result. 

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“Next up, we got this grey two-seater sofa which again was from Trash Nothing. 

“And when you consider sofas like this cost at least £250, and we got it for nothing. 

“Helps that’s super comfy.” 

He also managed to find a track down a large mirror for their living room for free too. 

He added: “So this mirror we actually found by the bins. 

“It was originally a brown colour, and the frames were a little bit broken, but my partner literally fixed it up, painted it and yeah, now we’ve got a fully functioning great mirror that cost nothing.”

In a second video, the content creator reveals more pieces they managed to get for nothing. 

He continued: “This whole massive sofa was free from Trash Nothing. 

“So it originally was a corner sofa, but we got rid of the corner because it couldn’t quite fit in our lounge. 

“Plus two of the original cushions are missing so I think that’s why they were getting rid of it.

“This little mirror here was found by the trash so yeah, again we got this for free.”

The next item Rhys shoulds is a bench that also acts as extra storage for shoes. 

“Okay, now this wasn’t free, but this literally cost £10 from the local charity shop. 

“It’s a little bit scuffed up but it is handy to put all of our shoes in. 

“These drawers in our bathroom again weren’t for free, but they only cost £10 from the local charity shop. 

“This filing cabinet was 100 per cent free. We found this literally just laying on the floor outside of a school. 

“So yeah, we kind of liked it and thought we could use it as a bedside table type thing. 

“May move it, don’t know, but yeah, it was free.”

Below the video, he added: "Guys we’re in a cost of living crisis. Don't pay for your furniture if you don't have to."

Fans loved the keen bargain hunter’s finds, with the video gaining more than 34,300 likes 480,000 views. 

In the comments, Rhys’ followers shared their reactions, with some complaining that the items weren’t free because he had to buy the resources to sand and paint the items.

FitCitta wrote: “Well, not exactly for nothing… your time, paint, petrol to pick up.. but still great tho.”

Although others were majorly impressed, with one writing: “Brilliant. All the people getting waspy because you ‘bought’ paint. Get a grip.”

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Another said: “Literally still FURNISHED the house for free why is everyone in the comments crying.”

A third added: “love trash nothing and freecycle! so much money it's saved me over the years!”

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