I get so bloated even my Skims dress can't hide it, I was in hysterics about how my tummy looked at my business meeting | The Sun

A BEAUTY influencer thought the viral Skims dress would help hide her bloat but was shocked when it didn't.

She said she couldn't do anything except wait for the bloat out at work.

Chloe (@chloerebeccawalsh) shared the video with her TikTok followers.

The cosmetics content creator explained she had relied on the dress for a work function.

The viral Skims dress, known for its cinching capability and flattering silhouette, had been touted by fans around the world for its slimming ability.

Chloe, however, found that she was not impressed about a trip to the bathroom.

She recorded her stomach bloat, explaining that she didn't even have anything to eat that day.

The blonde had chosen to wear the Skims Long Sleeve dress, $88, but was unimpressed with the garment.

"When the Skims can't even hide your empty stomach bloat, this was PAINFUL," she said.

Reminiscing on the events of that day, she couldn't help but laugh.

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"Still remember how painful this was, I hadn't eaten all day, got to a meeting about 3 PM, drank a gin and lemonade, then POOF I looked pregnant," she joked.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the situation.

Many said they felt her struggle, as it didn't take much for them to bloat as well: "For real, I eat nothing all morning and then go up 3 sizes after a pint of water," said one commenter.

"As a coeliac, I can relate only I look 9 months pregnant when I’m bloated, I’ve even had ppl put their hands on my belly and ask when it’s due," said another.

Some tried to look on the bright side to normalize bloating: "Tt's so fun to be bloated because you get to pretend there's a baby in there is what I've heard," said one viewer.

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