I get so much hate every year for my Christmas tree decor – I'm sorry, not sorry, my toddler will lose her mind over it | The Sun

A DECORATOR has received criticism for how she decorates her yearly Christmas tree.

The mom, however, doesn't care what other people have to say about her Christmas decor — she's just glad her toddler will love it.

Erika (@whilefloriansleeps) shared the video with over 10,000 TikTok followers.

As a maximalist, Erika explained she goes all out with her tree decorations every year, and one of the can't-miss steps she swears by is tinsel.

Although she was well aware of the environmental impact of the decor, she explained she was mindful of her usage.

"LAST ONE and probably the most controversial. Every year I get tinsel hate comments," she said.

"Please don't come for me for using tinsel, I know it's not the most environmentally friendly but literally 90% of my home is secondhand stuff."

Gesturing to her decked-out tree, she explained she re-used them every year: "These will be with me until I die, I do not buy new decor every year," she added.

"My stuff is my forever Christmas stuff so when I'm able to find a biodegradable tinsel, I absolutely will use it but until then, I'm sorry, not sorry, I'm using tinsel."

She draped the tinsel over a hanging ornament and explained she preferred her tinsel thinned out.

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"I like the pieces at different lengths so I'll take my glob and I'll lay it back on the branch and let it pull forward," she explained.

While she normally went full-speed with tinsel, this year she was being much more conservative with it due to her toddler.

"I have a seventeen-month-old baby and when she gets home and sees it, she's going to lose her mind," she said.

"Right now she's afraid of the tree because I told her it gets old but I'm afraid the tinsel will be irresistible to her."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her tree decor.

Many thought the tinsel added extra charm: "I love tinsel! It just adds something special for me," said one commenter.

Others agreed it was a holiday tradition and a must-have for them as well: "My mom put tinsel on piece by piece… would take her her hours and it was glorious!!!!" said another.

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