I got lash extensions but little did I know I was allergic to lash glue… my eyes turned red & I could barely open them | The Sun

NOTHING can quite make your eyes pop like a fresh set of eyelash extensions – and this TikTok user is no stranger to falsies.

For years, Delaney Story (@delaneystory) had used lash extensionswithout any issues or painful reactions.

But now, years after graduating from high-school, it seems as if she had developed an allergy to the lash glue used in the process.

Horrified, Delaney took to TikTok to share the mortifying fail which saw her unable to open her eyes properly.

At first, things seemed fine – and the young beauty fan was in love with her fluttery lashes.

But a while later she noticed a slight redness in her eyes and soon her eyelids began to swell.

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Sharing snaps with bits of tissues stuck in her nostrils, Delaney said her eyes and nose were running ''so bad'' due to the allergic reaction.

And things only went from bad to worse, as the young woman was barely able to lift one of her eyelids, with tears streaming down her face.

''I literally cannot open my eyes.''

The following morning, Delaney woke up to find both of her eyes super swollen and extra puffy.

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Not sure what to do, she rushed back to the lash lady to have the new set of removed as soon as possible.

The horrifying experience has left Delaney traumatised and she has since vowed to never get lash extensions again.

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''So sad I won’t be able to have them anymore!''

She has also since added that the video was not targeted at the beauty whizz behind the extensions.

''Nothing on my lash lady. My eyes are just super sensitive and I’m now allergic to lashes.''

With over 570,000 views since being uploaded, the clip has taken social media by storm and seen hundreds of comments speculate about what might've happened.

One beauty pro thought: ''Lash artist here. You're not allergic to the glue but the tape! It must've been placed too close to your eyeballs and scratched the surface.''

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Someone else guessed: ''It’s probably the glue, not the lashes. You must be allergic. Maybe she switched brands.''

A third penned: ''This literally happened before my bachelorette party! Never had a problem before.''

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