I hate my unique name so much, I sound like a stripper & was bullied in school – I didn’t make that mistake with my kids | The Sun

LOADS of parents want to give their new-born a name that will make them stand out, but the truth is that could cause more harm than good.

That's what one woman discovered when her mum and dad gave her a name that she'd grow to despise.

Now a mum-of-two herself, she confessed that she made sure her own kids had normal names because she hated her unusual one so much.

She revealed on Quora: "I gave my children names that were solid and old fashion, Thomas and Amanda.

"Why? Because my mother named me Kandy."

Kandy explained that although it might've sounded cute as a tot she got mercilessly bullied for the name through school.

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"Name calling like candy bar, candy cane, etc were part of my childhood," she said.

But things didn't get better as an adult for Kandy, "it was hard to be taken seriously with a first name that sound like a kids," she said.

"It didn't help that my first marriage was to someone with the last name pronounced Tie.

"So Kandy Tie, who needs to do the quizzes as what what your stripper name is with a name like that?

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"I lived with mine for almost 20 years," the mum-of-two added.

The mum said other parents shouldn't give their tots unique names because they grow up and will resent the name.

Other users were quick to point out that the names she chose for her own kids wouldn't stop them from being bullied.

One said: "Amanda's get made fun of too, I can't count how many times I heard 'cause you're a man, duh' when I was a kid."

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